18 Apr 2016

Common questions and answers for achieving optimal operation and long life of SurfPrep Industrial Graded Air Sanders. After operating an Air Tool Repair Service Center for 10 years, repairing and rebuilding thousands of sanders of various brands, I put this simple question/answer sheet together to address often asked questions to ensure many years of long […]

22 May 2015

This is a very difficult article to write without making some folks angry and some absolutely irate. Machinery salesmen have a vested interest in selling the machines they have on the floor instead of the machine the customer needs. What is worse is that those same people often do not really understand the essence of […]

22 May 2015

There seems to be a huge amount of voodoo involved in setting up segmented platen machines. It seems the techs and the folks running them just don’t understand the concepts so they just play with the settings until something looks okay. Once issues pop up they play some more until it seems things are better. […]

30 Jan 2015

Written by Adam West, Abrasive Specialist/Wide Belt Technician I’m writing this article on wood sanding to start a revolution in the minds of the readers and the wood manufacturing industry in general. I’ve been blessed in my career to have seen literally thousands of sanding processes and nearly the same number of variations on why […]

31 Mar 2014

Written by Adam West, Abrasive Specialist/Wide Belt Technician My job as a technician for Dixon Abrasives is to make sanding make sense. This is not as simple a task as most people would think. Every part of the sanding process must work together to accomplish a few simple tasks. The sanded wood must have the […]

05 Dec 2013

This is a story of a machine and two different ways of getting the job done. Both methods sound very similar at the outset, but the effect on the wood is not.   Long ago, I visited a customer in Rochester, NY. I was working for a former employer on brushes for a Quick wood […]

02 Aug 2013

The revolutionary SurfPrep Sanding System captured the attention of woodworkers, cabinet shop owners and distributors alike during the 2013 AWFS trade show in Las Vegas. Hundreds of attendees from around the world flooded the booth during the span of the show to test out SurfPrep’s products on a variety of applications. SurfPrep’s extensive variety of […]

11 Jan 2013

New SurfPrep Film Backed Aluminum Oxide PSA & Hook & Loop Sanding Discs. Features: – Film backing provides for a superior base for SurfPrep premium A/O grain. – SurfPrep grain bonded with a unique Resin/Resin adhesive. – “Sacrificial Super Stearate” as our proprietary stearate begins to release and change color to green the SurfPrep Film […]