4 Red Light Front

The design is to provide inspection lighting cast at a very low angle. This type of lighting helps sanding machine operators and sanding table personnel to see the defects before they end up in the finishing room. Low angle lighting silhouettes the scratch pattern and any surface imperfections making them extremely easy to see and correct.


Each LED has a 30,000 to 50,000 hour life span. LED light bar consumes 0-60 watts. Dimmer can run 2 light bars simultaneously. LEDs are very resistant to shock and vibration. The technology gives off very low heat per lumen for operator comfort.

Lighting Quality

The warm 5,500 to 6,000K light temperature is closer to daylight, which is better for color rendition. The perfectly smooth beam quality and low level illumination make defects 10X more visible. The lenses keep the light on the table and not in the eyes of the operator.


This dimmable LED light bar generates 3,500-4,500 lumens with flawless beam quality from each of the 36 LEDs. This light bar covers the entire working surface with even, high intensity light.

Item NumberDescription
SPIL-40SurfPrep LED Inspection Light (40”/36 Lights)
SPIL-24SurfPrep LED Inspection Light (24”/24 Lights)
SPILCSurfPrep Inspection Light Dimmer Control (Sold Separately)