3″ X 4″ SurfPrep Paper Sheets (Hook & Loop)


3” X 4″ Paper Backed Abrasives

Hook & Loop (H&L)

Aluminum Oxide

100 Sheets/Box

SurfPrep’s blended paper backing provides for enhanced support of grain and edge-wear, Our premium abrasive grain in an open coat construction provides a true, consistent & uniform scratch. Innovative ‘load-free’ coating provides for a fast rate of cut and longer life.

If the grit and/or vacuum hole pattern is not listed, please email info@SurfPrepSanding.com

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  • The best choice when it comes to preparing a surface for stain however durable, fast cutting and consistent in finish for all surfaces requiring proper prep sanding
  • Italian engineering, design and attention to detail ensures consistent tolerances in the manufacturing of SurfPrep branded paper discs
  • Developed for the operator, shop or manufacturer who struggles with swirl marks while preparing surfaces for stain, provides a true, consistent, uniform finished scratch
  • “B-weight” “calendared paper” backing supports high quality aluminum oxide grains in grits P120 – P320.  “C weight” grits P80 – P100
  • Open coat grain distribution across surface of disc to allow for sanded dust evacuation AS LONG AS MATERIAL BEING SANDED IS “CURED.”
  • Enhanced Zinc Stearate applied to minimize substrate transfer while “strip sanding” surfaces AS LONG AS MATERIAL BEING STRIPPED OR SADNED IS “CURED”
  • SurfPrep believes “one” superior paper disc constructed to the highest quality standards is sufficient, keeping decision making easy and simple for the consumer when it comes to prepping surfaces as opposed to multiple varieties (6-8-10 + different sanding discs) of paper backed sanding discs which begins to complicate an easy task such as surface preparation.


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