5″ SurfPrep Blizzard Film Abrasive Discs


Hook & Loop

Aluminum Oxide

100 Discs/Box


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The 5″ SurfPrep Blizzard film abrasive discs are ideal for operators who desire superior edge wear life.

  • High performance, multi-purpose, self-sharpening, and blended aluminum oxide (A/O) grains allow for consistent surface texture and finish.
  • Blizzard Film abrasive discs are made with a durable polyester film backing in an 80-400 grit range.
  • Features a resin-bonded, anti-clog white sacrificial stearate material design.
  • The hook and loop backing allows for secure attachment during sanding operation.
  • Available in vacuum and non-vacuum compatible film sheet packs.

Ideal for a wide range of sanding applications including the following:

  • Strip sanding to raw substrates
  • Primer
  • MDF
  • HDF
  • Fillers
  • Topcoat
  • Composites


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