11″ Non-Woven Pads


11” Non-Woven Abrasives

Hook & Loop (H&L)

10 Discs/Box

SurfPrep non-woven discs & pads are 3-dimensional and highly flexible. The flocked backing is to be used on SurfPrep Sanders with Hook & Loop backup pads (H&L). No vacuum holes are needed for vacuum sanding, the substrate will suck through abrasive and flocking.


SKU: 3X4 PAPER-1-1-1-1-1

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MAROON: VERY FINE 320 Grit A/O discs have a multitude of uses. From de-fuzzing of white wood to scuff-sanding between sealer coats on wood, or even prepping metal surfaces before paint in the automotive industry. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Multi-purpose for a variety of sanding substrates

GREY: ULTRA FINE 800 Grit S/C This high grit silicon carbide abrasive is perfect for scuffing automotive fillers and matting car paint. Also works well for wood-waxing and scuff-sanding when wiping stain. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Finishing metals, woods, plastics, composites

WHITE: Non-Abrasive (No grit) For use with cleaning compounds on all types of surfaces. These discs & pads hold compound uniformly without saturation and will not scratch surfaces. Ideal for cleaning car windows or buffing with wax on wooden surfaces. Applications: Cleaning, windows, waxing, automotive, woodworking Uses: Fine finishing & polishing


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