3″ Abrasives Variety Pack

3″ Abrasives Variety Pack


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The 3″ variety pack is a great way to test out popular abrasives that work with any 3″ sander (air or electric). All 3″ abrasives SurfPrep offers are Hook & Loop. This sander has such a small footprint that it is able to be used in small areas where traditional sized tools will not fit. One area to use this abrasives would be in solid surface sanding. The tiny discs allow a user to sand sink bowls to get a flush finish between the bowl and the solid surface counter top. This variety pack includes SurfPrep’s most popular grits in foam, film and non-woven abrasives to allow you to test out what products you like best.

3″ Foam (2 of each grit/thickness): 5mm pads for flat surfaces & 1/2″ pads for sanding mouldings and profiles. 3″ Film (5 of each grit): These sheets are amazing for quick stock removal. This abrasive is made to attack those pesky gouges, saw marks, old finish, deep scratches, or anything that requires removal quickly and easily. Because of the film backing it resists tearing and leaves a uniform scratch pattern. The white ‘sacrificial stearate’ prevents loading of material while sanding 3″ Non-Woven (2 of each grit): MAROON – VERY FINE 320 Grit A/O pads have a multitude of uses, from defuzzing of white wood to scuff sanding between sealer coats on wood. These are also used in the automotive industry for prepping metal surfaces before paint. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Multi-purpose for a variety of sanding substrates GREY – ULTRA FINE 800 Grit S/C This high grit silicon carbide abrasive is perfect for scuffing automotive fillers and matting car paint. It can also be used for wood waxing and scuff sanding when wiping stain. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Finishing metals, woods, plastics, composites WHITE – Non-Abrasive (No grit) For use with cleaning compounds on all types of surfaces. These discs & pads hold compound uniformly without saturation and will not scratch surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning car windows or buffing with wax on wooden surfaces. Applications: Cleaning, windows, waxing, automotive, woodworking Uses: Fine finishing & polishing      

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