5″ Abrasive Variety Packs



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Abrasive Variety Packs are the best way to test out all of the abrasives SurfPrep has to offer for your sander.

  • Foam Variety Packs (2 of each grit/thickness): 5mm pads for flat surfaces, 10mm pads for both flat sanding and soft profiles, & 1/2″ pads for sanding moldings and profiles.
  • Film Variety Packs (5 of each grit): These sheets are amazing for quick stock removal. Made to attack those pesky gouges, saw marks, old finish, deep scratches, or anything that requires removal quickly and easily. Because of the film backing it resists tearing and leaves a uniform scratch pattern. The white ‘sacrificial stearate’ prevents loading of material while sanding.
  • Paper Variety Packs (5 of each grit): Paper backing provides enhanced support of grain and edge-wear for stock removal sanding but at a less expensive cost than film or screen sheets. The grain provides a true, consistent & uniform scratch. Our innovative ‘load-free’ coating provides for a fast rate of cut and longer life.
  • Screen Variety Packs (5 of each grit): Screen abrasives are made with a strong polyester material that is durable and long-lasting. The screen is full of tiny holes that are very effective for dust-free sanding. It also keeps materials from loading up onto the abrasive sheet. This results in a very smooth sanding pattern on whatever surface you are sanding. This can be used for stock removal & stripping away old products like lacquer or stain.


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